Analytical Essay

One of the common types of college essays is an analytical essay.

What Is an Analytical Essay

As the name implies, analytical writing involves the analysis of a particular topic. An analytical essay is not a summary, but an analysis of how characters and themes align with the narration. Examples of analytical essay include analysis of a book, event, play, or a poem that is clearly interpreted to give it a broader and clear meaning. The title must be accurate, specific, and objective to be covered within few paragraphs i.e. instead of having a topic like “pollution,” good analytical essay topics would be “the effects of water pollution.”

Analytical Essay Structure

The structure of a good analytical essay is similar with other types of essays: it includes essay introduction, body and conclusion. The introduction to an analytical essay should intrigue the reader and motivate to read the whole analysis. In the analytical introduction you can use breath-taking facts, ask rhetorical questions, or make compromising statements. The introduction should also have a clearly outlined thesis statement that includes the intention of the essay.

The body of the analytical essay should include at least three paragraphs that support the thesis statement. Each paragraph of the body section should contain a topic sentence that introduces an idea, evidence or facts, and an explanation of the facts. The topic sentence should introduce the reader to the overall meaning of the paragraph of your analytical essay. Do not forget to support your claims with solid facts and evidence.

In the conclusion of your analytical essay you should summarize the whole essay. The easiest way to write an analytical essay conclusion is to restate the main points cited in the body section.

How to Do an Analytical Essay

  • The first step of working on any college essay is choosing the topic of the essay;
  • Brainstorm and decide what topic you want to analyze;
  • Craft an interesting and eye-catching title and write a strong thesis statement that outlines the topic and the key argument;
  • Find the supporting evidence that you will later present in the body paragraphs. The evidence ought to be from peer-reviewed sources, articles, magazines, and online credible websites that offer credible information;
  • Write an outline of your analytical essay. The outline should include the introduction, the body paragraphs, and the conclusion;
  • Based on the outline, write a draft of the essay;
  • By the time the draft is finished, you should already know what to do next – proofread, check the spelling, the grammar, and the punctuation, enjoy yourself!
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