Persuasive Writing

A Persuasive essay is an essay writing task that aims at convincing its audience on a specific topic or issue. Persuasive essay papers are very similar to argumentative essays because they impose on a specific point of view. Unlike compare and contrast essay, a persuasive essay is more engaging and requires a higher level of focus.

Persuasive Essay Definition

Generally, a persuasive essay is defined as the material that focuses on a specific topic with aims of persuading the audience that a specific point of view is the most qualified, logical and meets the highest valid perspective of implicated items of deliberation. Persuasive essays can be easily distinguished from other types of writing due to their structure and some unique features.

Persuasive Essay Structure

The most critical aspect of a persuasive essay is the thesis statement. Persuasive essay thesis is usually presented in the introduction section of a persuasive essay. It gives the reader an idea of the writer`s stand in this essay and establishes a tone of the essay. You should always keep in mind that the arguments that you place in the body paragraphs should be consistent with the thesis statement of your persuasive text. Unlike other essays, a persuasive paper should include an opinion that opposes the author`s position outlined in the thesis statement. It is important that the writer refutes the opposing view by using a factual counterclaim; the arguments supporting your point of view should always overshadows the opposing ideas. Do not forget that your arguments should be mainly based on facts; in this case, you will be able to develop a strong stand in your persuasive writing.

How to Write a Good Persuasive Essay

Writing a persuasive paper, keep in mind these simple advice:
Conduct a research to get familiar with the topic. The more information you will get on the topic, the better;

  • Take some time to understand the audience of your persuasive text and keep it in mind, when developing the proofs of your ideas;
  • Write a rough draft that outlines strong and weak points before developing the final draft of the essay;
  • Strong points of a good persuasive essay should be listed first to get the most of the reader`s attention. Weaker points though, will require stronger support;
  • Try not to overwhelm your writing with complex sentences and expressions. Complicated ideas are always better received by the audience when presented in simple language.

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