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In a critical essay, you are supposed to analyze facts, books, arts, sciences, performances or anything else from a critical perspective. The main purpose of a critical essay is to offer the reader a comprehensive critical analysis to lend to their understanding of a text or a topic.

How to Define a Critical Essay

A critical analysis essay is a distinct form of academic writing that includes a central claim and revolves its ideas around it. Unlike a narrative essay, it does not simply describe a fact rather analyze or evaluate it. Again, a critical essay does not establish any brand new thoughts or facts rather focuses on establishing a claim based on already accepted theories and facts.
The author of a critical paper stands by his claim about an idea or a theme that he or she formulates based on his point of view about the topic under investigation. The claim should be substantiated with evidence and references from established sources like books, journals, and news. Unlike general meaning of critical, which is more likely to convey a negative impression, the word ‘critical’ in the critical analysis paper does not negatively interpret or analyze an idea rather it evaluates a topic or a text from a neutral standpoint.

How to Write a Critical Analysis Essay

The best practice to score a success while writing a critical essay is to develop a clear understanding of the topic or text on which the essay will be written. In that way, critical reading is the key to success in writing a good college essay. Jotting importing notes down while reading the assigned text can help in juggling the memory while writing the critical essay. “What is the main idea of the text”, “what is the objective of the text”, “if the author is successful in accomplishing his objective or conveying his message through the text”–these are few examples of the striking questions that help the writer in organizing his thoughts about the text and start his critical thinking.

Writing a Critical Essay

After finishing the primary reading, the author should refer to literature that is related to the facts and ideas of the text. Upon conducting a handful of research, he or she will be able to justify his or her thoughts and claim about the essay. At the beginning of the critical essay, the author should declare his or her thesis statement. A critical essay thesis statement narrates the entire idea of the essay in one sentence; precision and conciseness are two important characteristics of a strong thesis statement. A strong critical thesis statement can give the writer idea about the entire essay in just opening sentence. Next, to the thesis statement, an outline is to be developed around which the entire paper will be written. The outline lists the ideas or interpretations that have been developed and works as the opening sentence, known as topic sentence, to each independent paragraph.

Before You Finish Your Critical Writing

One important fact that the writer of needs to keep in mind that a critical essay is not a summary of the assigned text, and hence it should not simply summarize the texts. While gathering secondary sources, credibility is an important factor. The author should check for the credibility of his or her sources to make sure that credible and accepted sources are supporting his or her claims inasmuch as it might critically affect the entire essay. Finally, smooth transitions between topics or paragraphs are highly important for a strong critical essay.

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