Narrative Writing

A narrative essay or any other narrative assignment is a  piece of writing that tells a story based on the experience of a writer. The story may also be about a person or an ongoing experience or event. Since narrative writing is based on the experience of an author, the narrative essay should be written in the first person in a conversational style.

The narrative essay should also reflect the theme and the plot. A good narrative essay should be written as a story. The narrative essay structure should certainly include the key parts of a story:

  • the plot;
  • the introduction;
  • the character;
  • the climax;
  • the setting;
  • the narrative essay conclusion.

However, the narrative essay format can also include other forms of writing. Such as a short narrative essay, a book report, a research paper, an informative essay, etc.

narrative writing

narrative writing

Narrative Story Writing

A good essay should involve the key features of narrative writing. The first paragraph of a narrative essay is certainly the introduction. It should introduce the reader to the narrative essay ideas and the type of narration. For example, whether the essay is about observation, an experience, or an event.

The essay story should have a clear point of view. It is very common for such essays to be written from the point of view of the author. However, you should never forget about the authorial perspective. The language of the essay should be concise and clear. When writing the essay you should carefully and artfully work on the word choice.

Steps to Writing a Narrative Essay

Create an outline and properly structure your essay. For a college narrative essay, divide the plot into different parts including:

  • a setup;
  • the climax;
  • an interesting conclusion.

The introduction should hook and thrill the reader so he keeps reading until the end.

Then fill the body of the narrative story with the major points. And finally, end your narrative paper with a paragraph that offers a delightful and unpredictable punch line. Besides, try to make the narrative essay more interesting and applying to the wider audience. Add some jokes, embarrassing ending, unpredictable twists, or coincidences.

When the draft of the essay is finished, you are half done with your writing assignment. Edit the draft, and write the final copy of your narrative essay. Remember to keep the structure of the essay clear, logical, and consistent.

Writing Tips for Students

Here are some narrative essay tips. Hope it will help your paper stand out from the crowd.

  • Avoid using complex syntax and words.
  • If you have experienced the events that you are writing about yourself, do not use the second-person narrative.
  • Avoid using passive voice constructions. The language style of your narrative writing task should be close to direct speech.
  • When you edit your narrative essay read it out loud. This way you`ll be able to check the words flow.
  • Review the sentence structure of your essay and rewrite any complicated sentences. The best essay is a simple essay.
  • Avoid using ambiguous terms and repeated words or cues.
  • Proofreading is an integral part of good narrative writing. Check your grammar. You can use online applications such as
  • Narrative Essay Help

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