Compare and Contrast Essay

The most common type of essays writing that you will come across during your academic career is a compare contrast essay. Writing a compare and contrast essay is interesting from a personal point of view, it brings new insights on topics that you were not aware of.

What is a Compare and Contrast Essay

Compare contrast essay papers have quite a lot of definitions, but most often it is a composition with structured paragraphs that elaborate on the similarities and difference of the topics of discussion. Due to the comparative nature of the essay, you will have to do comprehensive research on the discussion topic and obtain solid facts to establish the vivid differences and similarities of the issue discussed. Thus, the compare and contrast essays wholly depend on the facts and the ability to distinguish and elaborate on the items of study.

Compare and Contrast Essay Structure

The structure of compare and contrast essays is quite simple, it consists of three main sections that are typical for any essay: introduction, body, and conclusion. Yet, due to comparable nature of the assignment, each section has its own peculiarities.

  • In the introduction section of the essay, you should briefly analyze the items of study. As a part of compare and contrast essay introduction section, the paper must have a strong thesis statement to show the audience what is the major aspect of the comparison. The introduction part often includes the importance of giving out the similarities and the differences of the discussed topics.
  • The conspicuous difference between compare contrast essay and other types of essays is the body of the essay. The body of compare and contrast essay must contain the comparison section and the contrast section. In the comparison section, you should present the details on the significant commonalities between the two or more items of discussion. In this section, you should use descriptive details with examples to support your point of view. The contrast section should also include the key differences between the topics of discussion. Therefore, in this section, you should also use descriptive details and evidence to give the readers a chance to understand the variations.
  • The conclusion section is the final part of the essay. Here you should give the readers some closing remarks using the facts jotted down as the reference. The writer should state which side overshadowed the other if there are more differences than similarities in the discussion topics and vice versa.

How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay

Working on the compare contrast essay, the first step is to understand the topic. Complete understanding of the topic will facilitate the comprehensive research, which is the second step in the compare and contrast writing. With a solid research background, you should unravel the topic based on facts of the research. Brainstorm, develop interesting and non-trivial ideas, have fun! Organize your ideas in a logical manner, and start working on the introduction of the essay. As mentioned above, the introduction should contain a strong thesis statement.
Developing the body is the most important aspect of the compare and contrast writing. List the strongest points of your research first. Remember, no matter how if the aspects of your research are strong or vague, all of them have to be followed with strong evidence to be convincing. However, the best tip on writing a good compare and contrast essay is to ensure a wider coverage of the topic.

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