Movie Analysis Essay

When I was at college, film analysis essay was among my favorite tasks, because it meant that before writing it I had to watch a movie and the time spent for watching was legit homework time. But let’s be sincere: it is not a relief at all if you have to watch and analyze some crazy documentary instead of new Game of Thrones episode. It is always a good idea to save some time and efforts and order a movie review from a professional writing service. If you still decide to do the movie analysis essay on your own, here is a short guideline on writing film review.

What to write in a movie review essay

Though the structure of the film analysis essay depends on its genre (whether it is a documental or feature film and so on), there is a general guide that will help you make a good film analysis paper.

  • While watching the film take notes about the mood of the movie, its plot, and any thoughts worth mentioning in the essay;
  • Write an introduction: it must be a short movie summary about the background of the film, the key actors, director, other peculiarities of the movie and everything that is of value to the audience;
  • As a part of the introduction, write the thesis, where you choose to support the main idea of the film or argue it;
  • The body paragraphs are all about analyzing and retelling the movie, evaluating the acting of the actors, the sceneries, costumes, soundtracks and so on. It is a kind of short review of a film. Here you may write everything you like about the movie, its strong and weak sides, as well as make your own evaluation of some particular episodes;
  • – In the conclusion, you should write your own opinion on the movie, and make a resume either it is worth watching or not. Remember that conclusion is not just repeating the thesis.

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