Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essay is one of the many types of college essays, you can hardly finish a course without coming across this interesting and rather complex assignment. A well written argumentative essay will require a deep profound research and a good brainstorm on the topic.

What is an Argumentative Essay?

The answer to this question lies in its title. An argumentative essay is a type of essay in which you need to investigate the topic and present arguments about both sides of the problem. Working on argumentative research involves data collection, generation and evaluation of evidence, as well as the establishment of a position regarding the topic selected. College argumentative essay is a piece of writing that is meant to persuade others towards believing in a particular position.

Argumentative writing involves a lot of research to prove a particular position i.e. the writer is expected to consult several previously published literature including data gathering from surveys, interviews, experiments, and observations. The argumentative research will help you understand the different perspectives of the topic and come up with a clear thesis followed by sound reasoning.

Argumentative Essay Structure

The structure of the argumentative essay is not much different from other types of essays. It should include the introduction section, the body section and the conclusion. The key elements of an argumentative essay are:

  • the position;
  • the reasons;
  • the evidence;
  • the counterarguments.

A good argumentative essay should start with the position that describes the side that the author took. Usually presented in the first paragraph, a position should be clearly stated, be concise and well-defined. Your argumentative writing should give a clear statement on why the position is significant and why the audience should care about the addressed topic. Then you should back up your position with the reasons, try to be concise in this part.

Do not forget about the evidence, as they are important elements of any argumentative essay and will help you support the position you`ve taken. Outlined clearly in the body paragraphs, evidence will ensure clarity of the general idea discussed and help you keep up with the chosen direction. Evidence can be factual, statistical, logical or even anecdotal, but all of them should clearly support the thesis statement. Another important element of the academic argument essay is the counterargument. It is a statement that does not align with the thesis. The essay should have one or two paragraphs dedicated to the arguments that are in conflict with the main opinions.

How to Write an Argumentative Paper

The whole work can be divided into several simple steps to writing an argumentative essay:

  • start with an introduction that identifies the topic with two opposing sides;
  • then outline the topic in a concise, persuasive and objective manner;
  • perform an in-depth argumentative research that constitutes collecting logical and statistical data to support your position;
  • present clearly outlined evidence in the subsequent body paragraphs;
  • write a single paragraph summarizing a particular counterargument then use evidence to refute the claim made in the opposing view;
  • finish your argumentative writing with a concluding paragraph that summarizes the essay content including restating the thesis statement.

Make a Good Argumentative Essay the Best!

One of the key insights in argumentative essay writing to keep in mind is the transition statements. All the paragraphs of a good argumentative essay should be and have a linkage to the thesis statement. Some key phrases to consider are: firstly…, likewise.., additionally…, e.t.c. Contrasting ideas of the essay, on the other hand, should be linked using terms like yet…, although…, and conversely. The logical flow of your essay is very significant to connect the main ideas of your work. It is also important to emphasize on the conclusion, which should be based on the evidence that you have presented earlier.

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