Cause-Effect Essay

Cause and effect essay is another popular type of college essay. Cause and effect essay is an investigative and technical essay that focuses on a problem or a situation with its underlying cause and solutions.

Cause and Effect Essay Definition and Structure

The main concept of a cause and effect essay revolves around the result of occurring an event and its underlying cause. Cause and effect writing provides a systematic way of analyzing a scenario, gathering important findings and drawing conclusive decisions. Cause and effect essay writing is different from other types of essays. Cause and effect essay is a kind of a technical essay that visualizes a certain concept from its technical aspects rather than looking into its artistic or abstract aspects. In cause and effect essay, you are not required to keep chronological order of the events, instead you should focus on research findings and organize the results in a presentable and understandable way. There is no place for imagination or exaggeration of any kind in a cause and effect essay; in your work you should simply put things as they occur and try to establish a relationship between facts and findings.

Writing a College Essay

When working on cause and effect essay, a writer should first develop an idea about what is happening around the selected topic. For example, when writing a custom essay on smoking cigarettes and lung cancer, the writer needs to develop ideas about how smoking is related to lung cancer and what other factors that might cause lung cancer. After developing an idea, the essay writer should investigate the underlying causes and their impact on the effect. Through a comprehensive analysis of the findings, the writer needs to narrow down the causes and organize his thoughts towards a simple but technically sound narrative, which will result in a cause and effect essay.

Useful Essay Writing Tips

  • Narrow down the causes:
  • The most important factor that affects the quality and effectiveness of a good cause and effect essay is to keep the findings focused and emphasized. Narrowing down the topic is utterly important to achieve it. A good essay writer will pinpoint the larger topic and come up with the most striking ideas that are mostly responsible for the event happened.

  • Categorize the effects:
  • Categorizing potential effects is a good way to structure the essay for the reader. The reader can see the bigger picture with a categorized effect because in that way he or she can focus on each individual effect and think more comprehensively about the situation. In many cases, the writer may consider breaking down the categories into sub-categories to make the essay more manageable for both him and the reader.

  • Essay Outline:
  • The writer should outline major topics on which he or she wants to develop his or her essay. The outline should cover all major ideas, findings, results, solutions and concluding remarks. The purpose of the outline is to help the writer touch all the topics and avoid any missing points.

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