Expository Essay

Writing assignments come in all shapes and colors; though students are usually quite familiar with essay writing tasks, not all essay assignments are the same. Expository essay writing is an interesting one and we`ll take a detailed look at it.

What Is an Expository Essay and How to Deal with It

Let`s start with what is the expository essay. Expository writing refers to a straightforward essay in which a writer should explain a particular phenomenon or a subject using the facts and logic. Unlike the opinion essays where the writer expresses his personal point of view choosing the side of an argument, expository essays provide analysis and information on a particular topic, and may not include an obvious central argument.

An expository essay usually does not require an in-depth argument or research. Most commonly, expository writing assignments require the students to support their points of view with their personal knowledge and experience.

Expository Essay Structure

An expository essay usually consists of three key elements: an essay introduction, body, and expository essay conclusion. The essay should have a clearly stated introductory paragraph that has a well-defined expository thesis statement. The statement should be narrowed to a specific argument and looks very similar to an introduction of a persuasive essay.

The body paragraphs that follow the introduction section should support the expository essay thesis statement. In a well-structured writing, each of the body paragraphs should present a particular idea. Besides, each of the supporting paragraphs should have a logical connection with the thesis statement.

A good expository essay always ends with a conclusion that not only summarizes the content of the essay but also leaves concluding remarks that stimulate the readers to think.

How to Write an Expository Essay

A common formula for a good expository essay is to stick to a 5-paragraph essay format. Here are some useful hints on expository writing:

  • Based on a topic you have selected, come up with a draft that includes an introductory paragraph, three body paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph.
  • While working on the essay, you can be easily carried away from the main thesis statement. Use a bright color or an eye-catchy font to highlight your expository essay thesis statement. It will help you to keep the logical chain of your essay clear.
  • Each of the body paragraphs should include a unique idea that supports the thesis.
  • In most cases, three paragraphs are enough for the body of the essay. In case the assignment requires the essay to be longer, you can always add several paragraphs to the body of the introduction section.

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