Money Back Guarantee

You always have a right to claim your money back if we did not fulfill our part of the deal. Though such cases are extremely rare, you can surely request a reimbursement, if we fail to deliver the product you ordered. You can claim for refund in following cases:

  • You decided to cancel the order and the writer haven`t started working on your assignment or haven`t been assigned yet. In this case you can claim a 100% refund.
  • You decided to cancel the order, but the writer has already been assigned and started working on your order, and less than half of original deadline has passed. In this case we can offer you a refund of 80% to compensate writer`s time that he (or she) has spent on doing a research for your assignment.
  • You decided to cancel the order, but the writer has already completed more than 50% of your assignment. In this case we can offer you a refund of 50%, besides, the writer will provide you with a draft of the paper you have ordered.
  • Not timely delivery. These cases are extremely rare, but we are all human at the end and the writer can simply get ill or other force major circumstances can happen. In this case we can offer you a refund of the amount of time delivery difference. It is calculated on the basis of original deadline compared to time of delivery of the order. E.g. if the order is ordered for 2 days urgency and was delivered in 2 days and 7 hours, the price should be re-calculated as per 3 days urgency and the customer should receive compensation of the amount of price difference.
  • If you have placed the order twice by mistake, please contact our support team immediately to request cancellation of the duplicate order, as the second order will be considered valid, until we receive a cancellation request from you.
  • If you have received a grade below your expectations, please contact us immediately and provide the scan of the paper that was graded. In case there is a chance to re-submit the paper we will be happy to help you with a revision. Please note that the papers that we provide should be used for reference matters only. However, if you received a grade that is below passing (below 70%, or below “C”) and there is no chance to re-submit it, you can claim for a refund of your payment.

Please note:

  • We provide prepaid services and the count of deadline time starts after the writer starts working on your assignment. We cannot bear responsibility for any delays in delivery that were caused by payment delay.
  • Deadline for revision can be different from your original deadline and cannot be a reason for compensation of time delivery difference.
  • Refund procedure starts only on the basis of a refund request emailed from your registered mailbox to
  • Refund can be made only to original source of payment.

Please feel free to contact our support team for any questions related to the terms mentioned above and the procedure of refund. We are sure that we are able to resolve almost any issue.

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