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Applying for a job is an important step in every person`s life. As it is your resume, how a future employer gets to know you for the first time, you should definitely spend extra effort creating a smart and eye-catchy professional resume.

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There are quite a lot of services that enable you to create a resume online, or provide resume templates. But if you want a really high-quality product, you should consider ordering a custom written resume from the best resume writers at RelaxESSAY. Our special division of HR specialists is in charge of resume writing services. These people know how to create a resume that will seize the attention of the employer and they are always willing to help you with resume writing. Resume services that we provide include both Resume and CV writing. Do not hesitate contact us for help with resume writing.

Resume and CV Services

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Before starting to write resume, or seek for resume help you should take into consideration main differences between Resume and CV.

A resume is always targeted upon the position that you wish to obtain. It contains information about your educational background, professional skills, work experience, personal achievements or specific activities you are involved in that relate to the desired position. The resume should be concise and succinct it should be not more than one or two pages long. Though it looks like creating a resume is a quite simple task, if you have any doubts it is always a good idea to rely on professional resume help.

CV (lat. curriculum vitae) is also a summary of your skills and experience, but is more often used in academic circles. CV is usually used if you apply to a research or academic institution. Typical CV will include your academic background, teaching experience, academic degrees, conducted research, awards, list of publications, and other achievements.

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Don`t let your job application to chance. If you are hesitant about how to write a resume, professional resume writers and CV writers at RelaxESSAY are always ready to help with resume writing. We will make sure that your resume doesn`t end up in a trash bin.

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