Reflective Essay Writing Help

Reflective Essay Writing Help

A reflective essay, as the name suggests, is an essay that reflects author’s ideas, impressions, attitude, experience or feelings about a certain topic or event. It is an exercise of introspection that creates a ground for the author to give an insight into his or her experiences and collect memories. In a college reflective essay you should critically look into an event or matter and comprehensively analyze a situation.

Let`s See, How Reflective Essay Is Different from Other Types of Essays

Unlike all different types of essays, a reflective essay is free-flowing inasmuch as it does not include any predefined format or structure which the author is bound to follow. It does not need any persuasive clause, any argumentative claims, specific evidence or support to establish any thesis because all the contents of the essay are the result of the author’s own opinion and perception. Among other types of essays, reflective essay writing gives the author the highest freedom. Though you are not obliged to support your opinion or thoughts with evidence or references, reflective essay still requires a thesis that is arguable and expands into prongs that are used to support the thesis. Based on the target audiences, the format of reflective essay varies widely. A reflective essay may be considered to be a two-way communication between the author and his audiences and as such should be focused on reader’s comprehensibility and communicative competences.

A Well-Structured Reflective Essay is a Key to Success

Before you start writing your essay, you should thoroughly study the topic or event that you write about, it is prerequisite to any good essay. If you fail to comprehend the topic before reflecting your ideas, the reflective essay might be misleading.
Though you don`t have to follow any general format, a reflective essay still should include some basic structural components that help you organize the essay in a more structured way and avoid missing important information or transition between topics. The first thing to do when working on a reflective essay is developing a thesis around which you want to revolve your ideas. The thesis is not mandatory but it will be a good teaser for the readers. Then you should expand the thesis and explain your idea, developing some arguable prongs is a good idea for it.
Analyze each prong in a separate section, so the transition between the topics is smooth. A well-organized reflective essay should keep the reader`s focus on the topic. Do not overwhelm your essay with complex structure sentences or too sophisticated language and let the readers enjoy your well-thought critical analysis.

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