By placing an order with relaxessay.com, you, with no exceptions, agree to the conditions listed below:

Use of product

The services we provide are determined as copywriting. By this, we mean preparing an original work in accordance with instructions provided by the customer. The products produced by relaxessay.com should be used only as a reference or research materials. The grade clients get depend on a number of various factors, relaxessay.com is responsible only for the high quality of the work we do.


When placing an order, the customer should provide us with full and detailed instructions on the assignment. In case the writer needs additional clarifications on the assignment, the Customer should be responsive and cooperative. We cannot be responsible for any delays in delivery of the order or mistakes that happened due to customer`s failure to provide the writer with sufficient instructions on the order. If the Customer finds the result of writer`s work dissatisfactory, the work will be revised free of charge, however, instructions for the revision should not be different from initial instructions given by the Customer.

Contact information

The customer should provide us with full and valid contact information (phone#, email address). We use Customer`s contact information only to matters related to Customer`s order. If contact information provided by the Customer is not valid, it may cause delay or failure in the delivery of the order.

Cancellation of the order

The customer has a right to cancel the order even if the payment for the order has already been made. In this case, the amount refund that Customer receives should depend on the progress that the writer has with completing the order at the moment of the cancellation request. The customer will receive the part of work that has been completed by the moment of the cancellation request. In such cases, the Customer also has an option to receive a full refund in the form of store credit. An official reason for the cancellation of the order is an email from Customer`s email address registered during placing the order.


We produce only with 100% original works. The customer can request an additional plagiarism scan report from us. If any reasonable plagiarism is detected in the order, the customer can claim a revision that will be made free of charge.

Resources and materials

In most cases, materials required for completing Customer`s assignments are available in free access through the internet. Besides, we have a large library of our own, that the writers use working on the assignments. However, if the writer needs some specific materials that cannot be found in free access or within our library, we shall ask the Customer to help us providing the writer with necessary materials. In cases when the customer requests that specific sources (books, articles etc) should be purchased, we shall ask the Customer to bear the cost of additional materials that are required for the assignment. In these cases, the cost of the research materials will be added to the price of the order.


When placing an order in relaxessay.com, Customer agrees that he will be charged for the payment amount that corresponds to the value of the order, according to payment method chosen by the Customer. The writer stars working on the assignment after full payment on the order is received, unless other bilateral agreement.

Academic level

The customer should choose a proper academic level for the assignment when placing the order. Choosing not correct academic level for the order can lead to a mismatch of Customer`s expectations of paper quality or an increase of cost of the order.


Customer`s personal information is never shared with any third parties. Completed works are stored in our internal servers only, protected with SSL encryption to ensure anonymity.

Customer support

In cases of delay in delivery of the order, Customer should immediately contact our support team via phone, chat or email to sort out and resolve the issue.

Technical issues

Relaxessay.com should not be liable for delays in delivery of the order that is caused by technical issues, that are not connected with operation of our website (Customer`s mailbox, internet provider etc)

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