Top Science Articles 2020

Top Science Articles 2020

The most interesting scienific articles of 2020 will tell you about space exploration. Uncover some historical secrets and frighten you with apocalyptic predictions. Here are the top 10 articles about science.

Academic Grievance Studies and the Corruption of Scholarship

The authors of the study went for a large-scale provocation. They created 20 pseudoscientific works, bringing the main humanitarian trends of our time to the point of absurdity. The works were then sent to the leading scientific publications in the relevant fields. The goal was to prove that the bar in modern intellectual journalism is too low. The article presents detailed reports on each of the works. Which are, however, absolutely ridiculous and even immoral. For example, “Feminist Mein Kampf”.

Read at: AREO magazine

The Uninhabitable Earth

uninhabitable earth

This article has already got the biggest amount of views in the history of New York Magazine. Many have called it alarmist. However, this is not an insult. We certainly should panic! The Earth is dying, and we are dying together with it. Everything is much worse than you think. You might be concerned about global warming is mostly about sea-level rise. But then you are only seeing the tip of the iceberg.

Read at: NEW YORK magazine

What Does It Mean to Die?

For several months this bestseller held the first place among the most popular materials of the New Yorker. On December 9, 2013, Jahi Makmat’s brain was pronounced dead. She breathed through a lung ventilation machine. Her pupils did not react to light. The electroencephalogram did not record any brain activity. When doctors pronounced Jahi’s brain dead, her family did not agree. This girl’s case challenges the very nature of human life and death.


5,440 Times Around the Earth

Original title: 5.440 Gange Rundt OM Jorden

Aroung the Earth

Russian cosmonauts transform urine into electricity. They and are sad without any packages from home. Americans are nervous before going into outer space. What if someone cannot return to the spaceship and is left alone in the endless and airless open space? American astronaut Scott Kelly speaks about routine life onboard the ISS.


Was There a Civilization on Earth Before Humans?

Fossil remains of life are always scarce. They vary greatly depending on the time and place of the habitation of the living. Therefore, it can be very easy to miss an industrial civilization that has existed for only 100 thousand years. But meanwhile, it is 500 times longer than our civilization has existed to date.


7 Awesome Solar System Destinations That Will Kill You

Solar System

Humanity dreams of colonizing space. Science fiction often sends people to Mars or the Moon. Nowadays scientists are seriously considering an expedition to Titan. But many places in our solar system, that look so friendly at first glance, can kill you. John Wentz in Nautilus explains in detail what dangers lurk in the darkness of space.


Ask Ethan: Would Traveling Back in Time Destroy the Universe?

Everyone at least once in his life thought about returning to the past. Who wouldn`t want to correct some mistakes or even save someone’s life? Ethan Siegel answers the question of how dangerous time travel is in theory. Could temporary paradoxes destroy our universe? In any case, the time traveler will never return to the world he left.

Read at: FORBES

Why 536 Was ‘the Worst Year to Be Alive’

Do you think we cannot do worse than 2020? What was really the worst for humanity? Not 1349, when the plague wiped out half the population of Europe. Not 1918, when 50 to 100 million people died of the flu. It is the year 536. The article reveals why this particular year is considered the worst year of humanity. As well as the latest research that reveals the causes of the tragic events of 536.

Read at: SCIENCE magazine

How to Win the Lottery?

Original title: Kan du Bli God I Lotto?

use science to win the lottery
use science to wi

Roll the dice. Ye must understand that any outcome is possible. To get 2 is certainly as likely as to get 5. The same is with rows of numbers. To win the lottery it takes to be able to guess how everyone else is playing. Then play differently. Although, many play the same guessing game. However, there are two mathematical tips to improve your chances of winning.


Everything You Know About the Brain Is Probably False

Original title: Ce Que Vous Croyez Sur Le Cerveau Humain EST Probablement Faux

Neuromyths, or the in other words misconceptions about the capabilities of our brain, are often based on misinterpreted or too old results of scientific research. A team of neuroscientists at the National Center for Scientific Research and the University of Orleans suggests dispelling several neurosciences with play-in-the-material.

Read at: SLATE

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