Marine Plastic Pollution

Marine plastic pollution is a pressing issue of the modern society. Check an example of a classic 5-pagargaph essay on plastic pollution of the ocean.

The Problem of Marine Plastic Pollution


The increased use of plastic in everyday life is posing a great threat to the health of humanity and to the future survival of most of the species on the earth. Ocean pollution by plastic has been a major concern in the last few years because of its adverse effects on the environment and biological balance has started to show up at a radical speed. A recent survey estimates that an incredible amount of 268,940 tons of plastic waste is floating in the ocean, which weighs equal to 1,300 blue whales (Winton, 2017). About eight million tons of plastic yearly find its last resort in the ocean, a continuation of which will end up in more plastic in the ocean than fish by the year 2050 (OUO, 2018). The rapid growth of the problem leaves fewer and fewer amount of solutions behind.

Description of the Problem

Plastic is a synthetic substance made from a wide range of polymers (Rosato, Rosato, & Rosato, 2004). The incredible properties of plastic make it flexible, durable, and adaptive to any shape. However, alongside all its beneficial properties, plastic is non-biodegradable due to the unbreakable chemical bonding of its constituents (Wolchover, 2011). Consequently, the plastic waste remains in soil, earth, and ocean eternally, and affects natural decomposition of plants, animals and other substances.

The problem is mostly threating for marine life: many ocean animals die because of plastic waste through poisoning or entanglement. The presence of a massive amount of plastic changes the free flow route of water and sea animals and interferes in lots of other natural events. Seabirds, turtles, seals, and sea lions, fishes, whales and dolphins are the major victims of marine pollution from plastics.

Origins of the Problem

Undoubtedly, the blame for the plastic pollution of the ocean is on humans. Plastic goods are so deeply integrated into our lives that I highly doubt that an average person can imagine his/her life without handy and cheap disposable plastics. Plastic bags, bottles, cups, packing tape etc, the list is endless, and most of it ends up in the ocean. It`s naïve to believe that the problem is caused by some reckless tourists, who throw up their plastic bottles and other wastes into the sea. The insane feast of people consumerism provides ocean with a constant supply of plastic waste. Every city in the world big or small is surrounded by rubbish dumps. The bigger the city is, the more the waste it produces. Tremendous amounts of plastic garbage through the drainage system and other waterways find its way to the ocean.

Negative Outcome for Humanity

Ocean pollution from plastic has a large impact on humanity. This catastrophe is already taking its toll on the natural environment and marine life. Plastic ingested by ocean animals are likely to enter the food chain and accumulate in the human body through the consumption of seafood. Plastic debris on sea beds will be the cause of the rising of water level, which eventually will submerge lower areas of the planet. Organic chemicals, poisonous substances, and heavy metals from plastic debris are likely to cause water pollution and result in disease outbreak (OUO, 2018). The natural beauty of beaches is largely being affected by the indispensable amount of plastics.

Possible Solutions

The primary solution to the problem is to reduce the use of plastics. Prohibiting the use of plastic materials in beaches may reduce the onshore pollution significantly. Plastic waste collection and disposal should incorporate advanced technologies. Government and global agencies need to come forward to prevent marine pollution from formulating policies. Increased public awareness can help people reduce plastic waste. On top of everything, imposing penalties on plastic usages and increasing the price of plastic are two potential solutions that might significantly reduce the availability and use of plastics.


Plastic pollution is a major threat to natural inhabitant and human. Ocean life is a prime victim of plastic waste. The ever increasing use of plastic will worsen the scenario and likely to pose major threats to human existence on the planet. Timely and efficient policies can solve the problem and reduce its impact on the environment.

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